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Thank you for visiting the orthodontic web site of Dr. Kolin Weaver, where our talented orthodontic team works hard to bring “dream” smiles to Jonesboro, Arkansas and surrounding communities. Weaver Orthodontics recognize that a healthy smile leads to a healthier self-image and healthier you.

We understand that every patient has different needs, and we pride ourselves in the courteous service and individualized treatment we deliver to each person who walks through our doors. Our innovative and customized treatment planning is what sets us apart and what makes us truly unique. We work diligently to provide exceptional orthodontic care that enhances facial appearance and creates beautiful smiles. Whether you're an adult, adolescent or child, our knowledgeable team is committed to helping you achieve the smile you deserve – a healthy, beautiful one.

The Weaver team is committed to building a unique relationship with everyone who visits us. We work hard to make the journey to your “dream” smile more than just brackets and wires. By having fun with our patients and their families, we strive to create a memorable experience. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.